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Wedding Make-Up Tips and Tricks from an Expert.

Ashley from Sparks Makeup Artistry shares her professional tips & tricks on how to make your makeup last & to get the perfect base.

It’s no secret that beautiful bridal makeup starts with good skin, unfortunately there is no magic foundation that will look flawless without a smooth, hydrated & exfoliated base, however there are a few fundamentals to ensure that your makeup stays put and is not going to wear off your face too quickly given the importance of a special event like your wedding day, when you are probably going to be wearing the makeup for approximately 12hrs from when first applied to when you wash it off (hopefully before going to sleep).

Brisbane’s climate can get rather tropical with high humidity & heat during the summer months, it’s therefore best to ensure that the makeup artist you end up selecting has a well prepared kit and should have her own tried and tested tips and tricks for ensuring that your makeup has longevity especially to withstand the effect of humidity if you are getting married in the summer months here in Brisbane, Australia.


One of the most important steps with professional makeup application is the skin preparation. Makeup works best on skin that has been properly & thoroughly prepared.

Whilst this is the first step I do before any makeup application, there are also vital steps that you can do yourself which will not only be a massive help to me and your skin in the lead up to your special day, therefore I can’t stress enough, the importance of a dedicated skincare routine that you implement well before your wedding day.

During a bridal makeup trial I share with all my brides a basic, easy to follow skincare routine plus my personal skincare tips & product recommendations on how to get their skin in the best possible condition, if you are still unsure, I’d highly encourage a consultation with a beauty therapist and investing in good quality, beneficial products tailored specifically to your skin’s needs & requirements.

Priming the skin is a must in my makeup application, I use a combination of moisturisers and a luxurious makeup primer that contains hyaluronic filling spheres to help diminish the appearance of fine lines and pores creating a perfectly smooth base on which to start the makeup on.


A translucent setting powder is another well used product in my bridal makeup kit, although I use this powder sparingly and in the right zones on your face it’s best used to set any cream/liquid foundation or concealer so that it’s locked in place and won’t budge. The T-zone is another area I focus on with a setting powder to mattify and reduce any shine or oiliness from buildup.

A good setting spray is what I use to set the makeup in its place and to help protect and lock in your foundation whilst providing another layer of misted hydration to create that flawless finish to your makeup.


Touch-up kits are a really good idea to invest in too for your special day.

I provide my brides with a complimentary small touch-up kit which contains the essentials like translucent setting powder and a latex sponge that can be used on areas like the nose, forehead and chin to take away shine that might build up over the course of the day. A lip brush applicator and a small pot of the decanted lip colour that I’ve used prior is another great way for any lippy touch-ups to be done on the go quickly and without any mess or fuss.


Some boring but useful information about Alcohol and Caffeine:

While these are both great in moderation and might be hard to avoid in the lead up to your wedding day, I encourage my brides to try and limit both alcohol and caffeine intake, especially in the few weeks leading up to and on the day of your Wedding, I promise your skin will love you back if you do!

Alcohol not only dehydrates your body and skin, but it also makes you sweat, which can dehydrate you more, and can cause your skin to be dry and flaky increasing the appearance of fine line and wrinkles due to the lack of fluid in your skin.

My Hint: Increase your water consumption, by a lot!

Alcohol also dilates the capillaries in the skin which can cause your face to look puffy, blotchy and flushed, a blushing bride is one thing, but a hot sweaty mess is another.

Alcoholic drinks also tend to be high in sugar, which if you are overindulging too often this can show up in your skin as breakouts or dull sallow skin - all not ideal for a bride-to-be.

Caffeine although great if you need a bit of a pick me up, unfortunately over consumption of caffeine also leads to a heightened stress response in the body. Stress hormones, such as cortisol, may increase the amount of oil produced by your skin’s sebaceous glands, meaning you can be more prone to breakouts and having pesky pimples pop up on or before your wedding day leading to more stress, plus caffeine like alcohol is a diuretic which can cause further dehydration to your skin.

My advice is to start a proper, dedicated & beneficial skincare routine at least 6-8 weeks out from your wedding day. Pay attention to your diet, if you aren’t having the correct amount of nutrients that your body needs, it will show in your hair, skin and nails.

Zinc and vitamin C are really great for healthy looking hair, skin & nails.

Written by Ashley Sparks I Sparks Make Up Artistry I


About the author:

Hello there! I’m Ashley, you’ll quickly experience that with Sparks Makeup Artistry it’s a collaborative, fun, and trusting environment.

I personally take an invested approach to each and every client of mine to ensure that your makeup aspirations are fully understood, thought through, taken seriously, and that you enjoy the relaxing experience of having your makeup done by a professionally trained makeup artist.

I'm renowned by my clients for my calm, personal approach to makeup and can achieve the most natural, luminous complexion that will photography beautifully but will also last through the whole day.

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