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How to choose your Celebrant.

Choosing wedding vendors that you really connect with is so pivotal when it comes to ensuring everything goes to plan on the day.

This is particularly crucial when it comes to choosing a Celebrant. You need to know your Celebrant gets you as a couple and your vision for your ceremony. That they complement your wedding style and that they can confidently create the perfect vibe to celebrate your marriage.

Your ceremony should be thoroughly enjoyable, for both of you and all your guests. In the same way, the DJ or band entertains the crowd and helps create a rocking vibe at your reception, the Celebrant is pivotal in creating the atmosphere at your ceremony and setting the tone for the rest of the day.

With your Celebrant being very much a personality and ceremony style-based choice, there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to choosing a Celebrant.

The good news is there really is a Celebrant to suit every kind of wedding, personality and style. So with an exciting variety of Celebrants to choose from, our guest bloggers and Marriage Celebrants Jamie and Cara - Brisbane City Celebrants are filling us in on all the insider tips of how you can find the perfect Celebrant for your special day.

Start by thinking about the kind of Celebrant style you envisage - Do you have a preference for a male or female Celebrant? - Will they present professionally, quirky, alternative or modern?

Then think about the kind of ceremony you would like, will it be traditional and formal, or do you envisage something more modern and relaxed? Or perhaps something fun and entertaining? Would you like it to be religious or non-religious?

Is it important to you that everything goes seamlessly on the day? As with all your wedding vendors experience is of great benefit, as an experienced Celebrant will not only know how to create the kind of ceremony you envisage, they will have some great processes in place to ensure everything is thought through and goes smoothly on the day.

Once you have your shortlist criteria, you can start searching online including these characteristics in your searches and that should help narrow down your search to some Celebrants that are perfectly aligned to you and your special day.

Research your prospective Celebrant/s

From your search results, you may have several or potential Celebrants shortlisted, if you’re lucky there may even be one that really stands out, before you contact them, here are two recommended ways to quickly research them to see if they are right for you:

1. Watch videos of them performing weddings. This will give you a great insight in to their ceremony style and delivery, the feel of their ceremonies and you will also be able to see if their couples look comfortable and relaxed, are perfectly centred to their ceremony backdrop (which Photographers and Videographers love) and you may even like to check if the Celebrant steps out of the shot for the kiss, after all you probably don’t want a Celebrant that makes your ceremony more about them, than you.

2. Read their reviews. Hearing what their former couples have to say about their day is invaluable! Their former couples will tell you about the kind of the ceremony they provided and what they enjoyed about their experience with that Celebrant so you can weigh up how important those factors are to you. Google reviews is a great place to start as these are verified by Google to be from a genuine account and negative reviews can’t be removed. Most wedding suppliers including Celebrants will also have a Facebook page which is another place to view client reviews.

Authors Jamie & Cara are the husband and wife Celebrant duo from Jamie and Cara - Brisbane City Celebrants and founders of Brisbane Celebrants Directory & Blog and Brisbane Wedding Decorators.

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