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Download Metro 2033 Benchmark Tool




Nov 23, 2014 Metro 2033 Benchmark Tool. See the benchmarks for Metro 2033. May 23, 2018 Do not use this on a released version of Windows. The game is now entitled Metro: Last Light Redux. You might want to edit the benchmark_tool.cfg file to change the title to Metro: Last Light Redux and run the benchmark. If you want to play with the game, you can just grab the Game of the Year Edition from the Epic store, and it will be compatible with the benchmark. May 17, 2018 Your Benchmark Tool profile is designed for Metro: Last Light. It's not compatible with Metro: Last Light Redux. Metro 2033 is a series of post-apocalyptic first person shooter video games developed and published by 4A Games. Metro 2033 released on June 19, 2010 for Microsoft Windows. On October 9, 2013 Metro 2033 was re-released through the Epic Games store for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, which added a new title, Metro: Last Light, and updated all files. The plot of the Metro 2033 series follows a group of survivors who must fight against the security forces of the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) and the ruthless horde of mutants in order to survive. Metro 2033 is the first game in the series and is set in a Russian metropolis named Novo-Ogarevo, which has become a vast dark and dreary tunnel and abandoned building. The game takes place roughly three months after a deadly pandemic sweeps the globe. Dec 16, 2019 I got my game from store and got a message that benchmark is incompatible with windows 10. How do i get my game working? Sep 21, 2015 What is the Metro 2033 benchmark tool? In this game, it's the first thing you see after installing the game. Open the file, and you can see all of the benchmark results from the game. Feb 1, 2014 It is based on Metro 2033. It's from Glukhovsky and is called Metro: Last Light Redux. Sep 22, 2019 In my little testing, it gives the same time for light and dark scenes. I had the game installed on another PC and it was actually slower. I'm not sure why. Feb 25, 2017 What are the benchmark tools for Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light? The game allows you to pick between benchmark tools, but for




Download Metro 2033 Benchmark Tool

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